About Us

My Photography History

I started photography at a young age with a Minolta SRT101 and ROKKOR 55mm f/1.7 lens. Most of my work was in black and white and later colour slides. Photography was put aside when I started my career in the business world.

Early 2004 I started to photograph with my first point and shoot camera for our travels the rest is history. Along that journey I wasn't too particular about protocol. I was more concerned about getting the shot.  

Eventually as my style evolved so did I. 

Humber College gave me the opportunity to work with various tools of photography and eventually earned a Certificate of Photographic Techniques.

Photography Code of Ethics

Everything I am and do in Photography starts with my Code of Ethics. I plan and execute my projects and events with respect to all human, wildlife, property and environment encountered along the way without leaving a trace that I was ever there. I will not photograph wildlife in captivity. 

Follow this link to my Photography Code of Ethics.

I have adopted the code of ethics from The League of Landscape Photographers and have placed their logo on my portrait and a link to their Code of Ethics as testament to my commitment.

Photo Art Medium

Canvas and Framed Fine Art Prints will be available.

Where to Purchase

Limited Editions:  Prints are limited to 49 per image.

My photographs will be available in galleries and art shows across Ontario. Calendar events available later this year.